The name “Joondalup” conjures up images of a magical place. The land of Joondalup…well in this case it is the City of Joondalup in Perth, definetly turns into a magical place every year for a few days in April during the Joondalup Festival. The event takes over much of Central Park and parts of the town, and is all about the idea that anybody can perform, create and imagine. Everywhere you look there is a chance to participate; the giant marionette that the public can have a go at puppeterring, the CLOUD that needs visitors to pull its strings in order for it to turn on and off, a wandering trio of musical fairies that speak in a mysterious language and stop to play jazz for the little people. And then there are giant fluffy white clouds scattered throughout the festival grounds. Then there are shows everywhere, in small circus like tents, out on the grass, and people, lots of people, enjoying every second of it.

There was a Japanese theme this year which meant we enjoyed Taiko drums, a chance to try on a kimono, origami lessons and jumplings. Oh my gosh, jumplings! We kept coming back and back and back. They were so good. Then there were pumpkin and feta filo cigars from ottoman eats, Perth definitely knows how to put on a party.

Our hot chocolate (and espresso) stop was a pristine (and rare) beige 1969 Double Door Panel Van Kombi converted into a gorgeous little coffee shop on wheels called Lowlight. I enjoyed it! But the star here is their coffee and Rich loved his espresso. They believe that just because they are serving coffee from a mobile shop it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be great. I suspect Rich will be calling them and asking them to park just outside our place in the mornings. I need to get myself a Double Door Panel Van Kombi….in green perhaps…and set it up to serve hot chocolate and drive it around the world….from festival to festival.

Verdict: Entry to the festival is free but you will have to wait until next April. Can’t wait until next year! Lowlight Espresso,

And the Joondalup Festival