I don’t have a poker face. Definitely not when it comes to hot chocolates, but cities as well. So it should be very obvious to you all already how much I love Melbourne. I don’t think there is any city in the world like Melbourne, and I have been to many of the great ones. Not only does it have the best hot chocolates), but it is just all round fantastic. Just come here and if you are already here, pat yourself on the back and thank the hot chocolate gods.

Ok, so the reason I’ve gone on this little love rant is that I fell in love with Melbourne all over again last night when I visited, for the first time, Queen Victoria Night Market. Queen Vic Market is the largest open air market in the southern hemisphere (apparently) open in 1878 so it has seen its share of meat, fish, veggies and the likes. But on Wednesday nights, from 5pm until 10, during in the winter months, a large part of the market becomes a festival of food with music, street performers, open pit fires where you can warm up with mulled wine, and, most importantly, lots and lots of really amazing food.

There are over 30 food stalls selling food from around the world. You can get Texas BBQ, Spanish paella. They have emu or kangaroo burgers, Japanese pancakes or Nepalese feasts. We chose a selection of dishes from Sri Lanka (amazing) and then some churros and hot chocolate at Churro Kitchen. The Churros are shaped into a little crispy bowl filed with a scoop of vanilla icecream and generously drizzled with warm Nutella. The hot chocolate is made from a mix of coconut milk and more Nutella, which is, in moderation, rarely a bad thing.

Verdict: There was a guy selling dancing tours around the market. For a small fee (I’m assuming) you get some headphones and dance all together around the market. We ran out of time but if you visit can you take the tour for me? They looked like they were having a lot of silly fun. Queen Victoria Night Market, Melbourne, Australia