A Colourful and Luxurious Hot Chocolate at Felix Cafe, Zurich, Switzerland

If you are looking for chocolate in Zurich, you won’t have any issues finding some. There are beautiful chocolate stores all over the place. Perhaps the most colourful one of them all is Teuscher. Their dark champagne truffles are addictive and very popular.

There are a few stores throughout the old part of the city. One of them is at Felix Café right between the river and the lake. Café Felix has a beautiful terrace out back, tables along the side with views of the lake. Inside is grand and luxurious, with gold and red accents and marble tables. I have never been inside a café quite like this one. On one side is a Teuscher store. It literally looks like a box of crayons and bars of chocolates hooked up and this is what their babies look like. But not all the different coloured crayons, only the red, yellow and orange ones. The café itself looks like it is being taken over by plastic red roses and that the red roses are rapidly breeding and will, eventually, take over the whole café along with the crayon/chocolate babies. Its early….my brain, very obviously, needs a hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate which I assume from my interesting conversation with a man who didn’t speak the same language as me that the chocolate used is indeed from Teuscher. It was a nice hot chocolate, very calm and composed compared to my surroundings but fit in well with the grandness of it all.

When you are done, or before entering this wonderland, take a wonder along the lake which is stunning in the morning once the fog has lifted. Walk along the bridge to see views of old town Zurich to your right. On the weekend they have a thrift market on the other side of the river that is interesting to wonder through whether you buy something or not. If that puts you in a shopping mood you are right at the beginning of Bahnhofstrasse, the main shopping street which starts off with very expensive stores and the stores get less expensive as you walk towards the train station at the other end of this road.

A beautiful place to stop and admire the views of the lake and the Alps beyond. Come early in the morning or at sunset. Cafe Felix and Teuscher chocolates, Bellevuepl 5, Zurich, Switzerland

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  1. Max December 18, 2017 at 9:58 am - Reply

    This shop is beautiful! Though those clowns are a little creepy. We have a Teuscher outlet here in Seoul, and the truffles are divine, but at ~$4/each they start to break the bank. I’d definitely invest in some of their hot chocolate, though– especially if I could have it in Switzerland!

  2. Chococraft December 21, 2017 at 9:52 am - Reply

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