Keukenhof is the largest flower park in the world with a total of 7 million flowers. There seems to be almost as many tourists visiting as well. Regular buses leave the train station at the airport and arrive at the entrance 30 minutes later. The park is 32 hectares of flowers including a wide range of multicoloured flower beds as well as whole fields of tulips, as far as the eye can see: a total of 7 million flowers. The park, as it looks today, has been operating since 1950 although it was originally a castle garden started in dating back to the 15th century. A lot of these flowers, but not all, are tulips because tulips love Dutch weather and the Dutch love their tulips.  Today (pre-Covid) the Netherlands produces 1.7 billion cut flowers per year which represents roughly 60% of the global trade. So flowers are no joke!

I did stop at a particularly cute looking food cart to order a hot chocolate (it was bad). This post is really just an excuse to show you the beautiful tulips.