A Hot Chocolate at Coco Bruni, Seoul, South Korea

There are supposedly a few Coco Brunis around town but my efforts to find them were unsuccessful. So I moved onto the next location on my list. But you know that saying When you aren’t trying it will happen for you. Well that was Coco Bruni for me. On my way back to the subway station after a visit to nearby Cacao Boom I found it, right there in front of me. It almost gave me one of those “what took you so long” looks, like it had been expecting me or maybe it was more of a “seriously, you [...]

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A Walk Around Insadong and a Hot Chocolate at Ddo-dong Cafe, Seoul, South Korea

I had some fantastic hot chocolates in Seoul. I also had some very strange ones. The strangest was by far Ddo-dong Cafe, so strange in fact that I felt I needed to share this with you. When I say they have a bit of everything in Seoul I really mean it. And the beauty of Seoul is that it is all mixed together, the old the new, the traditional, the strange. I spent a lot of time in Insa-dong. There are little shops, traditional tea shops, Korean bbq restaurants, local handmade sweets. In the middle of it all is a [...]

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A Hot Chocolate at Chateau Chocolat, Seoul, Korea

You wouldn’t think of Seoul as a hot chocolate city…but you should. Actually Seoul is a lot of things you probably don’t realise, it is really an amazing place. What makes it even more special in my eyes, not surprisingly, is that there is a good hot chocolate near all of the main tourist areas. Best of both worlds. The main tourist attraction you will inevitably visiting at some point during your trip is Gyeongbok Palace or G Palace as I started calling it. There are so many different palaces across the city, all worth visiting which makes it difficult [...]

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A Walk Through Buckchon Village and a Hot Chocolate at Wood and Brick, Seoul, South Korea

I fell in love with Buckchon Village and, for a few days at least, I was a local here. I was staying at a traditional house with 3 rooms and owners who spoke not a word of English but who fed me very well (who knew kimchi was good for breakfast too!). There is a tourist map with a suggested waking path through the neighbourhood that you can pick up at the tourism office, or any hotel really. It is definitely worth doing and it seems that few tourists bother which means that other than in certain particularly scenic parts, [...]

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A Visit to Ikeseon-dong and a Hot Chocolate at Madang Flowers, Seoul, South Korea

There is this amazing little neighbourhood near Jongno station. When I found it I spent hours just walking up and down the tiny pedestrian only lanes, each one lined with little shops and restaurants and each one more intriguing than the next. This area, called Ikseon-dong and jungsegwon was established in 1920. It is a collective housing area that is full the Hanoks, the traditional Korean houses, but many have been reconstructed on the inside to house modern restaurants, shops, cafes, bars as well as homes and offices. Very few tourists venture this way, I seemed to be the only [...]

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A Hot Chocolate at Cacao Boom, Seoul, South Korea

My visit to CacaoBoom was a bit of an adventure, an adventure that took place mostly underground. Up until this point of my trip I had gone everywhere by foot. Today I decided to venture away from the centre and find some hot chocolates. I had a list with several options all in completely different directions. The thing about lists and recommendations is that on paper they all look the same. The reality is that you won’t know whether you chose right or wrong until you get there, sit down and have the hot chocolate. Until then they are all [...]

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