A Hot Chocolate at Chateau Chocolat, Seoul, Korea

You wouldn’t think of Seoul as a hot chocolate city…but you should. Actually Seoul is a lot of things you probably don’t realise, it is really an amazing place. What makes it even more special in my eyes, not surprisingly, is that there is a good hot chocolate near all of the main tourist areas. Best of both worlds. The main tourist attraction you will inevitably visiting at some point during your trip is Gyeongbok Palace or G Palace as I started calling it. There are so many different palaces across the city, all worth visiting which makes it difficult [...]

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A Walk Through Buckchon Village and a Hot Chocolate at Wood and Brick, Seoul, South Korea

I fell in love with Buckchon Village and, for a few days at least, I was a local here. I was staying at a traditional house with 3 rooms and owners who spoke not a word of English but who fed me very well (who knew kimchi was good for breakfast too!). There is a tourist map with a suggested waking path through the neighbourhood that you can pick up at the tourism office, or any hotel really. It is definitely worth doing and it seems that few tourists bother which means that other than in certain particularly scenic parts, [...]

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A Visit to Ikeseon-dong and a Hot Chocolate at Madang Flowers, Seoul, South Korea

There is this amazing little neighbourhood near Jongno station. When I found it I spent hours just walking up and down the tiny pedestrian only lanes, each one lined with little shops and restaurants and each one more intriguing than the next. This area, called Ikseon-dong and jungsegwon was established in 1920. It is a collective housing area that is full the Hanoks, the traditional Korean houses, but many have been reconstructed on the inside to house modern restaurants, shops, cafes, bars as well as homes and offices. Very few tourists venture this way, I seemed to be the only [...]

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A Hot Chocolate at Cacao Boom, Seoul, South Korea

My visit to CacaoBoom was a bit of an adventure, an adventure that took place mostly underground. Up until this point of my trip I had gone everywhere by foot. Today I decided to venture away from the centre and find some hot chocolates. I had a list with several options all in completely different directions. The thing about lists and recommendations is that on paper they all look the same. The reality is that you won’t know whether you chose right or wrong until you get there, sit down and have the hot chocolate. Until then they are all [...]

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50 Thoughts about my Hot Chocolate on the 103rd floor of the Ritz Carleton, Hong Kong, China

  If you are staying at the Ritz Carleton you are a) a little ways away from all the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong (but a quick subway ride) and b) the hotel lobby is not on the ground floor but on the 103rd. It takes surprisingly little time to get to the 103rd These are some magical elevators. Afternoon Tea time at the Ritz hasn’t started yet so we are all in line next to the reservation desk. It is now quite obvious that no one goes for afternoon tea at the Ritz alone (as I am). It [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Moca Cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam

My guidebook, and several locals all told us to try Moca Café when I asked them for a good place for a hot chocolate. It is in a colonial era building very close to the St Joseph’s Cathedral and the Ba Da Pagoda. When we got there, the place was empty. We grabbed a seat near the window and sat down. After a few minutes we looked around, and there were several staff at the counter, all watching us like we are the show. Finally we got up and ask for a menu and brought it back to the table.  [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Helio, Hanoi, Vietnam

Every day, several times a day, tourists and locals alike line up to watch the Water Puppet show at Thank Long Theatre. Puppetry is a traditional art form used in all corners of the country. The show happens in a small theatre filled with bright red chairs. For 45 minutes you are transported on a journey through the country side of Vietnam. Musicians play a range of traditional music and instruments and accompany a range of gorgeous little wooden puppets that seem to magically emerge from the water and dance around. I loved every second of it and would go [...]

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Hot Chocolate on the Ginger Junk, Halong Bay, Vietnam

I’ll start off by staying this was a terrible hot chocolate, really terrible. It is in competition for one of the worst hot chocolates I have ever had (and one of the most expensive relatively speaking, at 4$!). I don’t know if I was expecting to have a good hot chocolate this morning, it would have really been the icing on the cake, but regardless I had to order it because I wanted to be able to tell you about stunning Halong Bay. Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site off the coast of Vietnam, which encompasses an area [...]

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