Hot Chocolate at Jo & Willy’s Depot, Sydney, Australia

Just around the corner and up the street from Bondi beach you will find Jo & Willy's. It is hard to miss really. It is the spot that almost always has a long line of people waiting outside for a table. This is where the locals hang out, and for 3 days we too were locals and this is where we spent most of our down time. There are lots of things I loved about Jo & Willy’s. Inside it is so welcoming and fun with wildflowers on the tables. The walls, furniture and decorations are every shade of blue, all [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Nielson Park Cafe & Restaurant, Sydney, Australia

Located on the foreshore of the beautiful Sydney Harbour and surrounded by parklands, Nielson Park Cafe & Restaurant has a pretty ideal location. This heritage listed property sits right in the middle of a very popular beach and is surrounded by stunning trees that have grown to form a leafy archway across the pathway to the beach. It was raining again today. It just hasn’t stopped raining for the past week, which I’m told is good since there hasn’t been a lot of rain this past summer. The good thing about the rain is that it meant that this spot [...]

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Hot chocolate at Qantas First Class Lounge, Sydney, Australia

I travel a lot, maybe too much, but one of the benefits of travelling so much is access to lounges. There are some nice lounges around the world but my favourite by far is the first class lounge for Qantas in Sydney Australia. Strangely enough this is probably also one of my favourite restaurants in the world! The lounge has a full service restaurant that is free of charge once you enter and has a whole range of delicious food with a view of downtown Sydney and the airport. While waiting for my flight from Sydney to Dallas, I made [...]

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Hot chocolate at Guylian Cafe, Sydney, Australia

The Opera House, the Sydney Harbour, the Bridge, who hasn’t seen countless images of Sydney’s downtown area. This is only the start of it though. Personally I am a bigger fan of Melbourne but I can completely see why so many people have a love affair with Sydney. The Rocks is a neighbourhood close to the Opera house. This is where Sydney started. It was first inhabited by the Indigenous Cardigal people until 1788 when the first European settlers - British convicts - claimed the land and built their camp. Today the area is full of restaurants, cafes and little [...]

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Hot Chocolate at G’Day Bronte, Sydney, Australia

The thing about Sydney that no one else has are its beaches. It seems like everyone has a harbour view and the harbour and the area outside the harbour is just lined with beautiful beaches. Every neighbourhood has their own complete with beautiful soft brown sand, trees to provide shade and BBQ stations to help with your picnic. Today we visited a whole range of beaches across Sydney. Bondi of course being one of the most famous of all the beaches was on the list. We also went to Manly beach and a whole range of less well known but [...]

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