Knife, Fork, Spoon and a Hot Chocolate, Ballarat, Australia

Towards the end of our round trip from Melbourne to Adelaide and back, we stopped in Ballarat again. The plan was to go back and fill our stomachs with more pizza from The Forge but it was, unfortunately, closed. Instead we decided to visit a spot I had researched, and originally wanted to stop at, called Knife Fork Spoon. Knife Fork Spoon is located on Lydiard St., right in the heart of Ballarat, and just over an hour from Melbourne. From 1851, Ballarat was where many flocked to the goldfields during the Gold Rush seeking to make their fortune. By [...]

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Seriously Good Pizza and a Hot Chocolate at The Forge Pizzeria, Ballarat, Australia

Ballarat was our lunch stop on our road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide, with a small detour to visit Kangaroo Island along the way. We had no plans to spend much time in Ballarat, but you know those moments when you are travelling and you unexpectedly discover something wonderful that turns out to be one of the highlights of your trip. Needing to stop for lunch, the parking spot we found in town was right next to The Forge Pizzeria. We were starving, and as it looked interesting, we decided not to look any further…thankfully! The Forge is a real [...]

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