A Sweet Stop on Our Drive Around The Yarra- Hot Chocolate at Yarra Valley Chocolates, Yarra Valley, Australia

  Most of the places we like to visit to in the Yarra Valley are small and quaint, but not Yarra Valley Chocolatier & Ice Creamery. Don’t get scared off by the large car park (complete with tour buses) and the never ending lineups of people waiting near the entrance for a scoop of icecream. Once you enter it is truly a Chocolate extravaganza. The space is huge and filled with chocolate, kids, families, strollers, tourists and locals all about to be or already on a sugar high. There is a large glass window along one whole wall where you can watch the chocolatiers making the chocolates [...]

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A Day Trip Through the Yarra Valley – Hot Chocolate at Matt’s Bar (Yering Station), Yarra Valley, Australia

Australia does something else well other than hot chocolates. Wine. And it seems like most places you might find yourself in Australia are close to at least one great wine region. Yarra Valley is just an hour from Melbourne, and makes for a great day trip. So that is what we planned, a full day visiting the Yarra Valley, with our first stop (because of a late start) being lunch at Yering Station. Yering Station is Victoria’s first vineyard established in 1838 by Scottish-born Ryrie brothers who ventured into the valley as they moved their cattle down from Sydney. They named the property ‘Yering’, its Aboriginal name, and planted two [...]

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