Sipping from Bean to Cup with Monsieur Txokola, Bayonne, France

One of the reasons that Bayonne is truly the capital of chocolate in France is that is represents all the different sides of the story. You can get the traditional (Casenave), the more modern takes (L.Raux) and they also have their own bean to bar chocolate maker, Monsieur Txokola. Two friends, Ronan Lagadec and Cyril Pouil started this a few years back and both have quite a lot of experience in the field of chocolate. You can watch the whole process of going from bean to bar right here in their tiny shop and both are usually on hand to [...]

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Jambon, Gateau Basque, Izarra and a Hot Chocolate L. Raux Chocolatier, Bayonne, France

This morning I woke up wishing I was back in Basque country, so I thought I’d keep telling you about the hot chocolates I had there. So today we are back in Bayonne for another hot chocolate, this time at L. Raux Chocolatier. You may remember my post a few weeks ago introducing Bayonne, France’s capital of chocolate. This was a surprise to me too when I first found out. I had been to Bayonne before but never thought of chocolate, always of ham (Bayonne is even more famous for its Jambon de Bayonne, more on that later).  L. Raux [...]

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Notre Dame Cathedral and a Hot Chocolate at Chocolaterie Cyril Lignac, Paris, France

Pretty much exactly a year ago today I was in Paris. I was walking around, almost running, trying to get to as many of the hot chocolate spots on my wish list before taking the TGV from Montparnasse to go to Bayonne. The plan was to cross the river Seine, say hi to some of the spots I used to spend a lot of time at on Ile de la Cite (including the spot where my husband proposed), walk over to the 6th to visit Chocolaterie Cyril Lignac and then basically run straight up Boulevard Montparnasse to my train.  My plan [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Cazenave, Bayonne, the capital of Chocolate in France

First of all, I need to apologize to all of you. While I have been busy drinking a lot of hot chocolates, I haven’t been able to write them up and post them recently. I now have a bigger problem sitting in front of me, a few books with notes on the 300+ hot chocolates I haven’t written up in about 10 different countries where I have travelled doing research on the history of hot chocolate for a new book I am working on (more on that later!). So, I need to think of another way to share this all [...]

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The London Chocolate Show and my highlight…York Cocoa House, London, York, United Kingdom

  Note: I realise that this post is from October but somehow I forgot to post it! I was really excited that my trip to Zurich coincided with the London Chocolate Festival. I rushed from the airport, dropped off my suitcase at the hotel and made my way, literally as fast as I could to the London Chocolate Show. I’m not a big sweet tooth. I love dark chocolate, and hot chocolate but I’m not a big chocolate bar and sweets kind of girl. The London Chocolate Show is your heaven if you are a chocolate bar and sweets kind [...]

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A Hot Chocolate named Choccywoccydoodah, London, United Kingdom

Today was a strange day in London. I had a few hours before I had to get to the airport and one hot chocolate I absolutely wanted to try. I rushed over, ran pretty much but when I got there a very tall and thin young lady informed me that I couldn’t just come in to have a hot chocolate, that I had to make a reservation. So in the little time I had left I had a quick think about where around Oxford Circus I could go to get a good hot chocolate, or at least a hot chocolate [...]

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A walk around Lucern and a hot chocolate from Max Chocolatier, Lucern, Switzerland

When one thinks of Switzerland, chocolate is one thing that comes to mind. There is a whole lot of milk chocolate flowing through the veins of the Swiss. But it isn’t all milk chocolate from big companies such as Nestle that are available here. There are some jewels and the shiniest perhaps of all of them is Max Chocolatier. Patrik and Hilda Konig own a watch store in Lucern. When the store next to theirs closed down he took the opportunity to take over the space and open up a chocolate shop. With all of the industrial chocolate in Switzerland [...]

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The most beautiful little food store you have seen and a hot chocolate at Schwarzenback Teacake, Zurich, Switzerland

It isn't often that someone recommends that I visit a store as one of the first spots I should see when visiting a new city. But that is exactly what happened when I travelled to Zurich and I am glad they did. The store is family owned Schwarzenback which has been selling its goods for the past 100 years. The store has an amazing selection of, well, everything. There are spices, coffee, dried fruits, it feels like an old fashion pharmacy but filled with delicious snacks instead, all available to buy by weight.  If you look to the left when [...]

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