Hot Chocolate at Upsy Daisy Bakery, London, UK

My hairdresser in London recently opened a new business in Hammersmith. Regardless of where I live in the world, I always take advantage when I’m in London to come back to her to get my hair cut. She just does it best. But it also gives me a chance each time to try a different hot chocolate in the area. Three months ago it was Lola and Simon. This time it is Upsy Daisy Bakery. My terrible old iPhone camera completely fails to show how gorgeous and bright this little spot is. It is like a smile, if that is [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Caffe Caldesi, London, United Kingdom

Caffe Caldesi is found on a cute little street right off Marylebone High Street in the heart of London. In the evenings it is completely full. Caldesi is a Michelin recommended restaurant that focuses on good, simple, authentic Italian food. Each of the tables in the café have a small newspaper that they produce every season with updates and information about the restaurant. I sit down and read through it. They talk about the Italian way to a better life, sourcing fresh and organic ingredients. The restaurant even has a cooking school where you can learn how to cook authentic [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Konditor and Cook, London, United Kingdom

Konditor and Cook is right at the intersection of Soho and Chinatown, surrounded by Theatres showing the latest musicals. It is located in a Curzon movie theatre which shows fascinating movies from around the world. It is rainy and miserable outside but the bakery/café is bright and colourful and instantly puts me in a better mood. I really enjoyed the hot chocolate. It is rich and creamy, quite thick and a little sweet but not too much. It is made using 70% cocoa with milk but it also has a bit of a malty taste to it. A real treat. [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Verde & Co, London, United Kingdom

Verde & Co is a beautiful find, right across the street from Spitafield’s market. The store is tiny but sells a whole range of produce, jams, pasta, olives and olive oils and freshly made sandwiches and quiches for the lunch crowd. There is space for 4 people to sit inside and watch the steady stream of traffic coming in and out of this tiny little space. There are three people working in the store at the time (how they all fit I never did quite figure out). The service is fantastic and one woman explains all the chocolates to me. [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Rabot Estate, London, United Kingdom

After doing my shopping at Borough Market, the most beautiful market for all things food related in London, I stopped at Rabot Estate for a hot chocolate. Rabot Estate is owned by the owners of Hotel Chocolate, a chain of chocolate stores found around the city. The Rabot estate itself is found on the island of Saint Lucia where they have a programme that links 80 independent cacao growers. I like the feel of the place. It has a raw feel to it, lots of browns and blacks and dunlap bags with the name of the place printed on them [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Flatplanet, London, United Kingdom

Flatplanet has a range of flats made with organic English spelt flour from Sharpham Park farm in the West Country. The flats look so good, tomato sauce, chill, aubergines, with names such as El Diablo and Balearic Breakfast. If it wasn't 7am I would have ordered one. I loved the interior of this little spot. There is a warm industrial feel to the place (if that makes any sense). I am the only one sitting inside so from my little chair I watch the steady stream of locals coming in for a coffee. Even though the hot chocolate was really [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Princi, London, United Kingdom

When I think about my favourite hot chocolates, the one at Princi always comes to mind. Several times a week I used to go into this busy Italian bakery/coffee shop and if I could find a place to sit (never easy) I’d order myself one. It is chocolaty, gooey and delicious and comes in a little espresso cup. It is thick enough that you can choose to drink it (slowly) or eat it with a spoon. I absolutely love this hot chocolate. Then one day last year, they stopped serving this hot chocolate. It was in summer time so I [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Lola & Simon, London, United Kingdom

I wasn’t going to stop for a hot chocolate this morning but when I passed by Lola & Simon I just had to go in. Only a few blocks from Stamford Brook Tube station in London, this restaurant/brunch/coffee spot advertises itself as serving Argentinean and New Zealand Cuisine. What a fascinating combination. Lola and Simon was started by a couple, one a marketeer from Argentina and the other a lawyer from New Zealand. They named their restaurant after their dog Simon and his mate Lola who was rescued from the streets of Buenos Aires. Apparently the owners  are accustomed to [...]

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