Hot Chocolate at Tapas Brindisa, London, United Kingdom

Saturdays in London are when Borough market comes alive. Dozens of stalls open up selling a range of products. A fish stall sells not only a wide range of seafood, but also hot bowls of fish soup. Several stalls have long lineups of people waiting to buy burgers and wraps. Another area has smaller stalls set up selling cheeses and hams from Spain, Italy and France. There are people everywhere and they spill out into all of the cafes, restaurants and bars around the vicinity of the market, including Tapas Brindisa. Tapas Brindisa is a busy restaurant that sells a [...]

2017-01-04T22:41:50+00:00April 11th, 2012|EUROPE, London, United Kingdom|

Hot Chocolate Test (version 1.0)

Many years ago in a coffee shop in Melbourne, Australia the hot chocolate test was created. It was a way to rate the many, many hot chocolates that I drink around the world. I am constantly working on it, perfecting it, but as of today, this is where it stands... The Facts: When did I drink it, where? No points, just setting the scene. The Atmosphere: Where did I have this hot chocolate (-1 Not planning on going back, 0 It was fine, 1 Interesting with redeeming features, 2 I liked it a lot, 3 Fantastic!) The Vehicle: Is the hot chocolate in [...]

2017-01-04T22:42:02+00:00January 28th, 2012|France, United Kingdom, USA|
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