A Hot Chocolate Amongst the Very Tall Trees in Muir Forest, San Francisco, USA

Just eleven miles outside of San Francisco, over the famous Golden Gate Bridge, is a magical place. Muir Woods is made up of over 560 acres of redwood forests with trees up to 252 feet tall and 14 feet across. The area has been protected since 1908. Arrive first ting in the morning or towards the end of the day to miss out on the crowds and traffic and explore the forest via a paved one half mile trail. And just look up and take it all in – the trees are simply magnificent. They do have a hot chocolate [...]

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A Love Letter Dandelion Chocolate, San Francisco, USA

If you are a chocolate lover, a lover of real, quality, fairly sourced chocolate, San Francisco is a place you should visit…or move to. While you have a lot of choices in and around the city, if you only have time to visit one, visit Dandelion. Dandelion is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory. It is the creation of Todd and Cam, two chocolate lovers who, like many bean to bar makers, started small in their apartment, did a lot of things right to the point where in 2010 they expanded into this Mission factory. This is where they roast, crack, sort, [...]

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A Pilgramage to Ghiardelli for a Hot Chocolate, San Francisco, USA

The last time I came to San Francisco was about this same time of the year. Everyone in the group wanted to do something different. I had one request; I wanted to see the sea lions. We spent the day visiting the bridge and the hills and the trams and everything that San Francisco is so famous for and at the end of the day we stopped for some clam chowder and a sea lion visit only to find that where they are usually hundreds of them today there was only one. Fast forward many years, 10 maybe, this time [...]

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A Hot Chocolate (and Thyme Lemonade or two, or three) at La Boulangerie de San Francisco , San Francisco, USA

If I lived in San Francisco (yes, it was very hard to leave as the whole time we were there I wished we did live there ….. but back to my post), if I lived in San Francisco and for the very short time that we did, our local became La Boulangerie de San Francisco. We came here over and over again, for breakfasts, for snacks and, especially for their gorgeous glass bottles filled with magical lemonade with a hint of thyme. I say magical because I have never had a lemonade in my life that tasted as good as [...]

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A Long Walk and a Hot Chocolate at Jane’s, San Francisco, USA

Japan town is a fascinating area. It is a six square city block area which is the largest and oldest Japantown in the United States. If you had been dropped here, you might even think you were in Japan. The architecture is Japanese, as are the restaurants. There is a shopping mall that goes for several city blocks filled with Japanese stores, bakeries, and more restaurants. We stayed at the nearby Kimpton Buchanan (highly recommended). This whole area was filled with interesting things to see (and a lot of hills, we are after all in San Fran). We spent some [...]

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