Best Breakfast in Lower Garden District and a Hot Chocolate at HiVolt, New Orleans, USA

You know that movie Oceans 11? It was a big deal when it came out. The plot was centered around a crew of 7 or so who rob a bunch of Las Vegas Casinos at the same time. Sitting in HiVolt, I felt like I was on the set of Oceans 11. I guess I should explain. I don’t know if it was my mood this morning or I just saw something that others didn’t, but I swear that the staff at HiVolt must be some sort of Oceans 11 like crew. I bet you that in the evenings they [...]

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A Walk Down Magazine Street and a Hot Chocolate at Sucre, New Orleans, USA

Most visitors to New Orleans have heard about Bourbon Street and its many bars, and will usually make that their first stop. New Orleans is so much more than Bourbon Street however, and there are several other famous streets around the city that are a must see. Magazine street is a six mile long street that goes across the city, through the French Quarter, Lower Garden District, Garden District and beyond. It is lined with some fantastic independent stores, countless restaurants and cafes and all sorts of other interesting shops along the way. Lots of the famous New Orleans parades [...]

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The Best Donuts Anywhere and a Hot Chocolate at District Donuts, New Orleans, USA

For weeks before I arrived in New Orleans I had been following District Donuts on Instagram. Every morning they post a picture of their donut display case made up of a handful of much loved classics. Every morning they would torture me with their unique donuts of the day. There was a crème brulee donut one day, maple sriracha the next, followed by smores, cotton candy, strawberry basil, cookies and cream, olive oil and rosemary. Every day was different, and every one of them looked incredible. So when I woke up this morning in my comfy bed in the Lower [...]

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Where to base yourself in New Orleans and a Hot Chocolate (or better yet coffee) at French Truck Coffee, USA

We took a while to decide where to stay on our most recent trip to New Orleans. You are spoiled for choice really. Most choose to base themselves in the Downtown and Warehouse District. This is where the big chain hotels are and it is just across the street from the French Quarter, the heart of New Orleans, and of course Bourbon street. Within the French Quarter there are several smaller B&Bs, small hotels and apartment rentals as well. On this trip however, we chose to base ourselves near the Garden District. Many tourists only see the Garden District from [...]

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Barbarians, lots of skin and a hot chocolate at the Renaissance Festival, Houston, USA

Today we discovered the most incredible thing. Deep in the forest, miles away from the city of Houston, is a world that magically appears for one month a year. This world is called the Renaissance Festival, and apparently they have them all around the world but, not surprisingly, this one in Texas is the biggest in the US. Despite being surrounded by many individuals in costumes, or perhaps in their normal clothes, we ventured in to take a look. An extremely full bosomed fairy gave Rich a big fat kiss on the cheek as we entered this fully formed village [...]

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A Dream Come True, BBQ and Hot Chocolate at Tejas Chocolates, Tomball, USA

Texas is one strange place. I have lived in and travelled to many places around the world, and my first experience of living in the US is in Texas - trust me it has been a huge culture shock. It's true that everything is bigger in Texas, but it goes beyond that. Many things are upside down, backwards, in fast forward or just plain wacky. But the one thing that Texas does better than anywhere else in the world, the thing going for Texas in my food lover eyes is BBQ. Oh not, this ain’t no put some meat on a little [...]

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A Walk around Rice Village and a Hot Chocolate at Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe, Houston, USA

I have learnt never to expect to have a good hot chocolate when I go out in Houston. There are few surprises, as they are on the whole really not that great. But if there is anywhere where I would expect to find a good hot chocolate it would be Rice Village. There are quite a few options in this area. Mercantile has a decent hot chocolate, a new Italian café called Fellini does a thick hot chocolate (review coming soon). Then of course there is the ever popular Chocolate Bar that makes a hot chocolate for serious sweet tooth chocolate lovers. I’m still testing [...]

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