Barbarians, lots of skin and a hot chocolate at the Renaissance Festival, Houston, USA

Today we discovered the most incredible thing. Deep in the forest, miles away from the city of Houston, is a world that magically appears for one month a year. This world is called the Renaissance Festival, and apparently they have them all around the world but, not surprisingly, this one in Texas is the biggest in the US. Despite being surrounded by many individuals in costumes, or perhaps in their normal clothes, we ventured in to take a look. An extremely full bosomed fairy gave Rich a big fat kiss on the cheek as we entered this fully formed village [...]

May 3rd, 2016|Houston, NORTH AMERICA, Texas, USA|

A Dream Come True, BBQ and Hot Chocolate at Tejas Chocolates, Tomball, USA

Texas is one strange place. I have lived in and travelled to many places around the world, and my first experience of living in the US is in Texas - trust me it has been a huge culture shock. It's true that everything is bigger in Texas, but it goes beyond that. Many things are upside down, backwards, in fast forward or just plain wacky. But the one thing that Texas does better than anywhere else in the world, the thing going for Texas in my food lover eyes is BBQ. Oh not, this ain’t no put some meat on a little [...]

December 22nd, 2015|NORTH AMERICA, Texas, Tomball, USA|

A Walk around Rice Village and a Hot Chocolate at Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe, Houston, USA

I have learnt never to expect to have a good hot chocolate when I go out in Houston. There are few surprises, as they are on the whole really not that great. But if there is anywhere where I would expect to find a good hot chocolate it would be Rice Village. There are quite a few options in this area. Mercantile has a decent hot chocolate, a new Italian café called Fellini does a thick hot chocolate (review coming soon). Then of course there is the ever popular Chocolate Bar that makes a hot chocolate for serious sweet tooth chocolate lovers. I’m still testing [...]

November 23rd, 2015|Houston, NORTH AMERICA, Texas, USA|

A French Chateau in NYC – Hot Chocolate at Laduree, New York, USA

When I lived in France of course I knew of LaDuree. It is a French institution, the home of the multicoloured macaroon. I visited LaDuree once in Paris, just a few weeks after I first arrived and never returned again. The macaroons were nice (but not the best you can get in Paris), definitely some of the most expensive, the atmosphere was great, but it was a tourist magnet. When you live in Paris you quickly get tired of all of the tourists and make a point to not go into those areas where they predictably are found. So LaDuree [...]

November 9th, 2015|New York, New York City, NORTH AMERICA, USA|

A Food Tour of Chinatown and a Hot Chocolate at Tache, New York, USA

Did you know that Dim Sum was invented by a doctor? He was treating typhoid epidemics around China. A believer in both scientific and herbal medicine, and weary that many of his patients were not getting enough nutrition on top of being sick, he created these little packages filled with different herbs, ginger, ground meat and encased them in a layer of thin dough to make them easy to eat. Years later, according to our guide Raheem, other cultures have borrowed this idea and made it their own; the perogies in Poland, samosas of India and even the tortellini in [...]

November 2nd, 2015|New York, New York City, NORTH AMERICA, USA|

The Smell of Bread and a Hot Chocolate at Maison Kayser, New York, USA

I found myself sitting between a large basket filled with freshly baked baguettes with golden crusts and, on my other side, a series of trays covered in mini loaves of olive, multigrain and pain de campaign breads. I would reach for one (or all) of each if it wasn’t for the glass windows protecting them from me. Its 10am. I had breakfast hours ago but the tourists that have taken over the place were just getting started. The room was full, as was the terrace out front. Separating the two, taking over the entrance of Maison Kayser, were the goodies, [...]

October 26th, 2015|New York, New York City, NORTH AMERICA, USA|

West Village and a Walk on the Wet Side- Hot Chocolate at Café Gitane, New York, USA

New York City is such a fascinating place. You walk through and feel that every building, every corner has a story of some sort to tell. It may not look historic like Paris or Rome do, but there are stories, perhaps more stories. The Jane Hotel is one of those stories. It was originally built as a hotel for sailors with cabin-like rooms. The survivors of the Titanic even stayed in this hotel in 1912. I didn’t stay in the Jane but I did venture over that way for breakfast this morning, to the Café Gitane housed just inside the [...]

October 19th, 2015|New York, New York City, NORTH AMERICA, USA|
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