Hot Chocolate at Cocoa & Cardamon, Houston, USA

  Note: I very recently moved out of Houston and had been waiting until winter to post this, my favourite Houston hot chocolate. But given what has been happening in the city, I wanted to share this today with the hopes that, as soon as things dry up a bit and get back to normal (hopefully very soon), you will go and visit Cocoa and Cardamon. Houston is a strong city and I know, even given how terrible the situation is, it will come out stronger and better than before. I wouldn’t call Houston the ultimate hot chocolate destination…or even [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Cafe Brazil, Houston, USA

Cafe Brazil is one of those places I love, over do it a bit and get tired of and don’t go for a long time, before finding myself there again and loving it all over again, wondering why I stayed away. Every time I go through this cycle (and this happens several times a year), I order their hot chocolate, very specifically their Mexican hot chocolate which comes with a hint of cinnamon and a tiny bit of kick. I'm not even sure if it is on their menu as I've just asked for it by name for years. It [...]

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Barbarians, lots of skin and a hot chocolate at the Renaissance Festival, Houston, USA

Today we discovered the most incredible thing. Deep in the forest, miles away from the city of Houston, is a world that magically appears for one month a year. This world is called the Renaissance Festival, and apparently they have them all around the world but, not surprisingly, this one in Texas is the biggest in the US. Despite being surrounded by many individuals in costumes, or perhaps in their normal clothes, we ventured in to take a look. An extremely full bosomed fairy gave Rich a big fat kiss on the cheek as we entered this fully formed village [...]

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A Walk around Rice Village and a Hot Chocolate at Sweet Paris Creperie & Cafe, Houston, USA

I have learnt never to expect to have a good hot chocolate when I go out in Houston. There are few surprises, as they are on the whole really not that great. But if there is anywhere where I would expect to find a good hot chocolate it would be Rice Village. There are quite a few options in this area. Mercantile has a decent hot chocolate, a new Italian café called Fellini does a thick hot chocolate (review coming soon). Then of course there is the ever popular Chocolate Bar that makes a hot chocolate for serious sweet tooth chocolate lovers. I’m still testing [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Patika, Austin, USA

We almost drove past Patika as it’s incredibly easy to miss. But others haven’t missed it, and today the parking lot and inside were both packed (they also have an outside terrace but its 40degrees Celsius outside…empty). The front part seems to be not just where the coffee is ordered and made, but where people who come with friends and family stay and chat. This is a pretty small space but it is gorgeous. Very minimalistic, clean lines, interesting accents and lots of fantastic light makes it the kind of place I'd love to spend the day…maybe even live in. [...]

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Houston We Have a Problem – Hot Chocolate at the NASA Space Centre, Houston, USA

Houston we have a problem…the hot chocolate at the Space Centre is not out of this world, in fact it is really terrible. But to be completely honest I only tried the hot chocolate so I had an excuse to bring you all with me to the Space Centre. I’m not really a Space Centre kind of girl. But today an opportunity came up to visit and I thought I should at least see it once to see what all the fuss is about. As soon as we entered we took the tram tour (highly recommended) which drove around part [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Common Bond, Houston, USA

  Houston has been in need of a beautiful bakery for quite some time now, at least in my opinion. So when Common Bond finally opened a few weeks ago, we didn’t wait for an invite! On this corner in Houston there used to be an old historic house which housed an antique store. When the store burnt down over a year ago we wondered what would take its place and not surprisingly a very modern looking building popped up. Common Bond set up in the corner, and they’ve created a stunning space. It has incredibly high ceilings and windows [...]

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