Hot Chocolate at La Cuchara de Madera, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

At first glace, La Cuchara de Madera (the wooden spoon) feels a little bit like you have just fallen down a rabbit hole with Alice and entered Wonderland. There are cakes everywhere. The ones in the display case are strangely giant, covered in white icing, dripping with chocolate and sprinkled with large marshmallows. The ones above the display case are all intriguingly small. Little cupcakes dangling on a mini ferres wheels, trays overflowing with brownies, chocolate covered fruits, nut cakes. There are cakes on top of cakes, spilling over and dripping onto more cakes. One moment they looked delicious and [...]

Hot Chocolate at Xocolat, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

For a chocolate shop, Xocolate isn’t exactly the prettiest one I’ve seen. When we visited, the counters were a bit of a mess, and the walls were painted hot pink with huge pictures of semi appetising looking chocolates on them. But the display case was filled with really delicious looking creations and even more importantly, they had a lot of hot chocolate options. I wasn’t expecting to have a good hot chocolate today, especially considering we were visiting one of the largest shopping malls in Santo Domingo. We were here to waste some time really and had been walking around [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Bondelic, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

While in Santo Domingo, Rich celebrated his birthday. Everyone said that the best place to get a birthday cake was Bondelic and luckily for us, it was only a few minutes walk from the apartment. Bondelic is all about being happy. It was light and airy. The walls and windows are covered in little illustrations of cupcakes, cookies, pieces of pies, cakes and little forks. Straight ahead of you is a large counter filled with really tempting looking cakes and sweets. The first time we came here we picked up at least 7 different mini desserts to bring home to [...]

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Hot Chocolate Chocolate Cortes, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  When I go to visit my grandparents in the Domincan Republic, I usually only want to drink battidos which are fruit smoothies with milk or yogurt. On this trip though, maybe because it wasn't as hot as it usually is, I switched to hot chocolates. This morning we had a 5.5 earthquake just before breakfast which is pretty scary when you are on the 5th floor of an apartment building. But I also remember today because I had one of my all time favourite hot chocolates. There were a few options at the supermarket and my aunt picked out Chocolate [...]

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