Sculptures by the Sea and the Hot Chocolate at Il Lido, Perth, Australia

I have never seen anything quite like Sculptures by the Sea anywhere. Sculptures by the Sea is an annual event that goes on for several weeks. For that period, the beach and area around the beach is transformed into a large, open air, and free art gallery. The sculptures are from a variety of artists, both homegrown and foreign, sharing pieces that range from breathtaking and serene to powerful and thought provoking. A large glass marble reflects the world upside down, dolphins swim across the sand, a surfer appears and disappears depending on where you stand. We visited many many times and each time discovered [...]

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A Hot Chocolate at Duck Duck Bruce, Freemantle, Australia

Given the name and logo for this little café in Freemantle I assumed I’d enter to find ducks everywhere. But no, no ducks. But there is a Bruce. And there is a nice little hot chocolate. Lets start with Bruce. Lets start with the fact that Bruce is a bit of mystery since the creators of this great spot are actually Sean, Charlie and Woody. I guess Bruce is hiding out back with the ducks but no problem, I’m a fan. Actually I did a bit more searching and Bruce is the name of the model shark used in the [...]

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Heather’s Helsinki and a Hot Chocolate at Hymy, Helsinki, Finland

Rich and I are big fans of food tours. Whenever we travel we always sign up for a food tour if it is available. Some have been absolutely fantastic, some not really so great, but we always learn a lot about the city and the culture, more than we ever have taking normal tourist tours. So when we booked our trip to Helsinki we did a bit of research on food tours and signed up to Heather’s Helsinki. Heather has been in Finland for around 14 years, married to a Finnish man, and she has been doing tours in Helsinki [...]

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A Hot Chocolate at Bread in Common, Fremantle, Australia

Freemantle may seem to be a part of Perth, but to those that live here it isn’t at all. Freemantle, or Freo as it is called here, is its own little wonderful world and once you visit you understand why the locals not only love it, but see it as its own city. Between the Freemantle Market, the port, the little stores and gorgeous historic buildings, it is a real jewel. If you walk through the centre of Freemantle, turn left down a little road, then right, there it is. This building at 43 Packenham was originally a pharmaceutical warehouse [...]

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The Joondalup Festival and a Hot Chocolate at Lowlight Espresso, Perth, Australia

The name “Joondalup” conjures up images of a magical place. The land of Joondalup…well in this case it is the City of Joondalup in Perth, definetly turns into a magical place every year for a few days in April during the Joondalup Festival. The event takes over much of Central Park and parts of the town, and is all about the idea that anybody can perform, create and imagine. Everywhere you look there is a chance to participate; the giant marionette that the public can have a go at puppeterring, the CLOUD that needs visitors to pull its strings in order [...]

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A Hot Chocolate and Lunch at Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant, Big Sur, California, USA

Tucked behind a gas station off California’s legendary Highway 1, we missed this Bakery the first time we drove past and had to do a U turn (not easy on Big Sur, not easy at all). Housed in a converted ranch house, nestled amongst a sea of cactus, the Big Sur Bakery should be a must stop for anyone tackling the drive along Big Sur. The atmosphere is welcoming, friendly and relaxed. The whole space is about slowing down, savouring the moment. The food here is so good. They are focused on the idea of slow food, beautifully created dishes, [...]

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A Beautiful Drive and a Hot Chocolate at Café Kevah, Big Sur, USA

Big Sur is one of those epic drives that one needs to do in a lifetime, especially if you are in the US. It is as grand and magical as people say, and much more relaxing than I expected. But don't just drive along the road. Along the way there are dozens of small parks  that you can stop at to stretch your legs, many with beaches. This is where you can really appreciate the beauty of the coast, the vibrant colours, the crisp air. Stop and take pictures at Point Lobos State Reserve, take pictures at Bixby Bridge and the lighthouse [...]

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A Scenic Drive and a Hot Chocolate at Carmel Coffee & Cocoa Bar, Carmel by Sea, USA

Carmel is a beautiful little town. It is obviously a playground for the rich and famous that live in the mansions surrounding the town (and in the charming little hobbit like houses dotted around town). It is also known for being full of artists, writers and poets. Clint Eastwood is also its mayor. The town is just a short drive away from Monterrey. Although you need to pay a little bit to access the road, the 17 Mile Drive between Carmel and Monterrey was beautiful, with lots of stunning stops to admire perfect beaches and wildlife on one side, and [...]

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