• 'Hot Chocolate' Beer at Mast Brothers, NYC, USA

‘Hot Chocolate’ Beer at Mast Brothers, Brooklyn, New York City, USA

The Mast Brothers, Richard and Michael, started off making chocolate bean to bar in their apartment in New York. They would lug up bags of beans from the street level, and used home made machines to create their chocolate. Apparently these machines were very noisy and they got a lot of complaints from neighbours (I’m assuming that a free sample of chocolate to a complaining neighbour was all that was needed to solve that problem!)

I have been wanting to visit Mast Brothers for months now, and finally had my chance today. They have quite a mixed reputation. On one hand […]

August 24th, 2015|New York, New York City, NORTH AMERICA, USA|
  • Hot Chocolate at Jacques Torres

A Walk around DUMBO and a Hot Chocolate at Jacques Torres, New York City, USA

I have been to New York many many times, but have never crossed the river over to Brooklyn before. Partly it is because I never really have enough time or am usually busy enough just exploring Manhattan. But a part of it is because I always wondered whether it was safe or if there is anything really worth visiting over there…or even how to get there in the first place. This time, I decided to change things and made it a priority to spend my free time exploring Brooklyn. My first night in New York City I walked across the […]

August 17th, 2015|New York, New York City, NORTH AMERICA, USA|
  • Hot Chocolate at UN Headquarters, New York City, USA

A Tour of the UN – Hot Chocolate at UN Headquarters, New York City, USA

The UN Headquarter building is not just a place where people work, it is a tourist attraction with thousands of visitors a year. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer and Le Corbusier, a large area of the building is open to visitors and has a range of regularly changing art exhibitions from around the world. Spread throughout this section, and the rest of the buildings, are stunning statues and works of art from around the world, donated by different national governments and sitting proudly on pedestals throughout the hallways for all to admire. The newly renovated General Assembly room can be viewed […]

August 10th, 2015|New York, New York City, NORTH AMERICA, USA|
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Sweet Sweet Wall Street – Hot Chocolate at La Maison du Chocolat, New York City, USA

La Maison du Chocolat is an institution. It was founded in 1977 by Robert Linxe who was born in the French Basque region. He learnt his art in Bayonne and in Switzerland before moving to Paris to open his first boutique in an old wine cellar which provided the idea conditions for preserving chocolates. Today he has several stores around the world, including one in New York City right in the middle of Wall Street.

Wall Street is a 1.1km stretch which is home to the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, two of the two largest stock exchanges in the […]

August 3rd, 2015|New York, New York City, NORTH AMERICA, USA|
  • Hot Chocolate at Volador, Oaxaca, Mexico

Hot Chocolate at Volador, Oaxaca, Mexico

El Volador is a very…very relaxed spot. The writing on the door suggests it opens at 8am but we have yet to see it open anytime before 9am. The young man who is in charge every day is just as cool as a cucumber and all of his friends that come by for coffees and everyone else who comes by for coffees is just really relaxed. Every time Rich comes back from having an espresso there he is just floating a little bit.

El Volador is a very tiny café right on a corner surrounded by a very quiet courtyard. Across […]

July 27th, 2015|Mexico, Oaxaca|
  • Hot Chocolate at Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico

A Visit to Monte Alban – Hot Chocolate at Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico

UNESCO World Heritage site Monte Alban is stunning. You don’t see the huge pyramids as you see in other parts of Mexico, or intricately carved buildings and statues. Most of the site is really just ruins. But Monte Alban sits on top of a hill, in fact it was literally carved out of the mountain when it was built. From here you have a view of everything that surrounds it which makes it an extremely tranquil space.

Monte Alban was inhabited for a period of 1,500 years by a succession of peoples – Olmecs, Zapotecs and Mixtecs. Many beautiful treasures were […]

July 21st, 2015|Mexico, Oaxaca|
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Making Chocolate the Traditional Way – Hot Chocolate at Copal Magico, San Martin Tilcajete, Mexico

The Oaxacan region has over 145 different villages that all specialize in a different artisan craft. Each of these is more elaborate and stunning than the last and you can easily spend days wondering from town to town watching the women and men doing their magic in the same way they have been doing for generations . Over lunch today we stopped at Copal Magico in San Martin Tilcajete, a town known for Alebrije or small wooden figures carved in Copal wood and painted with intricate designs. Here we were able to see the process they use to create these […]

July 13th, 2015|Mexico, NORTH AMERICA, San Martin Tilcajete|
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