There were several spots I wanted to try while visiting Ottawa but as always happens during Christmas holidays, things got busy. We only had time to visit one and luckily we choose the right one.

Truffle Treasure must be the ultimate hot chocolate in Ottawa. This little chocolate shop in the Glebe carries not one but literally countless combinations of hot chocolates. The board tells it all. First you choose your flavour, anything from peanut butter, mocha, caramel, Belgian, peppermint, Aztec, ginger & orange, pumpkin spice, banana and hazelnut. Second you choose your type of chocolate; milk chocolate, 55% dark, 72% dark or white chocolate. Last but not least you can choose your milk; regular, almond or soy milk.



We made our choice, and went and sat near the window. I was joined by Rich and my dad, a converted hot chocolate fan. The store is very cute, obviously covered in Truffles and other delicious looking chocolate products. The walls are painted a variety of bright colours, dark blue on the ceilings, orange and red on the walls. There is a large map on the wall behind the cash covered in little dots, perhaps showing where all of their customers are coming from. It was cold and snowy outside but a fireplace on the back wall warmed us up. Granted it isn’t a real fireplace, it’s a flatscreen TV set on the fireplace channel which shows a burning fire 24 hours a day (how cool is that). Real or not, it does the trick.


The store also has a range of colourful glass products which hang form the windows, walls and above the cash. They are obviously supporting a local artist as each of these products has a little price tag hanging from it. It adds a very warm and artistic touch to the seating area. The final touch, a box of dog biscuits outside the front door. Even with all the snow, every dog being walked stops at the box of cookies which gives their owners a chance to see all the chocolate inside. Smart move!


Our hot chocolates arrived in large colourful mugs, absolutely perfect for hot chocolate if you ask me. I had ordered an Aztec with 72% dark chocolate. Rich and my dad ordered the Belgium with 72% dark chocolate. I tasted both and am not sure which I loved more. Mine had a beautiful rich chocolate flavour with little kicks of cinnamon, chilli, cloves and cardamom. Theirs had a delicious dark and slightly bitter kick to it. We were given big mugs filled to the brim but we had no problem finishing every last drop.  I loved every second of my hot chocolate. It was the perfect temperature, the perfect thickness, not too sweet, not too bitter. This mug warmed my hands and made my day.







Verdict: Ottawa has done me proud. This is definitely on my lists of best hot chocolates around the world so far. I will be back soon, maybe to try all the other flavours…or maybe I’ll stick to my favourite. Truffle Treasures,  769 Bank Street, Ottawa Canada