Preston Street in Ottawa is all about Italy. Also known as Corso Italia, this is the main street that goes straight through Little Italy and is home not only to many Italians, but to almost all other things Italian. There are pizzerias, reception halls, baby clothes stores, all inspired by and often made in Italy. But the best thing by far about Preston Street are the dozens of little coffee/pastry shops that line both sides of the road.



Today we tried out a new one called Simply Biscotti. Simply Biscotti is a very cute, very tiny old house. On the main floor there are a handful of tables and chairs packed into a very small area (there are also more up on the first floor). The whole time we were there, a line up could be seen that started at the front door and went all the way to the back where the ordering counter is. The majority of the people waiting were crowded around a large display area packed absolutely full of delicious looking pastries. On the back wall they have an impressive display of what gave this place its name. There must be at least 10-15 different kinds of biscotti, all in different baskets and in a variety of different flavours including chocolate, coffee and almond to name but a few.


For some reason, even though I was drooling over the biscotti, I ended up ordering a cinnamon bun (it was speaking to me….). I took my cinnamon bun and a small hot chocolate (of course) and went outside to their large terrace. Today was a beautiful summer day, but just cool enough to be able to enjoy my hot chocolate. And enjoy it I did, quite a bit. Other than being a little bit cooler than I would have liked it was very nice, smooth, with just the right amount of chocolate (I’m guessing it was Ghirardelli chocolate..). A very good everyday hot chocolate and a very enjoyable spot to have it in.


Simply Biscotti has a couple of things it seems to be known for, other than biscotti of course. They make a pretty good looking homemade icecream sandwhich and also make Nutella Frappes (with or without a shot of espresso).


Verdict: I like it! Next time I need to get my hot chocolate with a biscotti. Unfortunately Simply Biscotti has not yet gone national or international, but there is a second location in Westboro. Thanks Rosa! Simply Biscotti, 354 Preston Street, Ottawa, Canada