The Byward Market in Ottawa is one of my favorite markets in the world…in the summer at least. There are dozens of market stalls overflowing with beautiful local produce. The peaches are out of this world, the berries are impossible to pass by and the apples smell crisp, if that is even possible. And then there is the maple syrup of course.  But it isn’t just about the fresh produce; the market is all about restaurants and interesting stores, shopping, and lots and lots of people, locals and tourists alike.

Planet Coffee


Of course no market is complete without little coffee shops with terraces and the coffee shop with the nicest little terrace in the Byward market is probably Planet Coffee. Tucked away from the bustle of the market on a pedestrian courtyard, this little coffee shop seems to have a dedicated group of regulars who come early, many by bike, set themselves up on their favorite table, take out the weekend edition of the paper and read it while enjoying a hot drink and a sweet pastry of some sort.


We did the same (minus the Saturday paper). The hot chocolates came in small, well loved white mugs, topped with a little bit of whipped cream. As the name would suggest, this place is focused on coffee, but the hot chocolate was also ok. It was an easy one to drink, especially to warm up once winter arrives (Ottawa gets very cold).


Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 15.08.46


Verdict: A hot chocolate I would have again just so I can sit on Planet Coffee’s terrace. Inside is spacious with some interesting bits of art spread out across the walls. Planet Coffee, 24a York St., Ottawa, Canada