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Every time I arrive in Melbourne, the first thing I do (before going to visit the Kangaroos at Westerfolds Park) is visit Koko Black at Doncaster Shopping Town. When I finally did review Koko Black’s hot chocolate last year after having been every year since it opened in 2003 (read review here) I was upset. They had discontinued my favourite flavor and just like that the balance of the universe (or at the very least my trip to Melbourne) was disturbed. But luckily, one year later, Koko Black is back to being right up there on the top of my list.

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This is because they brought back my cinnamon hot chocolate, which is hands down the best cinnamon hot chocolate anywhere. Thank you so much. I hope it is back for good. I’m guessing I have founder Shane Hills to thank. Even though the world is dotted with little chocolate shops, Koko Black just does it a little better. They use chocolate from Europe including French Valrhona, Belgian Callebaut and Swiss Felchlin. Their chocolates and menu change every season so the run-up to Easter means that Easter eggs of all sizes fill the store. The décor is as rich as the chocolate (especially their dark chocolate truffles which are beautiful). Their hot chocolate is creamy and decadent while still be light and airy and very easy to drink. It is a classic.

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I sometimes wish that Koko Black would go global with their hot chocolates but it just wouldn’t be the same. Koko Black and Melbourne go together. I wouldn’t want to separate them.

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Verdict: Koko Black is one of my favourite hot chocolates (the cinnamon one). You will be happy with this one regardless of your hot chocolate preferences. Enjoy! Koko Black, several locations around Melbourne.