Must Have Hot Chocolate at Hakawa Chocolate, Hong Kong

Here are the directions on how to get to Hakawa Chocolate on Gough St. Get to Hong Kong Island. Go up the hill turn right then left then right then left and continue like this until hopefully, fingers crossed, you arrive. At least that is what it felt like arriving here. I know know it is just a block away from the Man Mo Temple so if you are not familiar with Hong Kong, it may…may be easier to get there and then make your way backwards.

Regardless, the point is you must add this to your itinerary for Hong Kong. Sure I know you are busy and there are lots of other things you need to do. I promise this won’t take long at all and it is so very worth it. Because you can’t even sit down to have your hot chocolate, and there really isn’t anything else to order except either 72% or 100% (order the 72%). The shop is a triangle really, the size of a large closet. But here they do everything.

Hakawa is a bean to bar chocolate started by Sally Kwok and Mandy Wong a few years ago. They source their beans from Sri Lanka from cooperatives run by foreign non-governmental organisations that help farmers to reach global standards for organic certification. They prepare the chocolate in the back, then in a tiny little kitchen in the front window you can watch her carefully weigh out the chocolate, warm the milk, mix them together perfectly and place the finished potion into a small paper cup. A steady stream of locals walked by, waited and drank their chocolate like a shot of espresso. I stood at the entrance, leaned up against one small tall table, watching them, and her, and enjoying every sip of my drink.


Verdict: Amazing hot chocolate and the walk to find this little spot was also one of the highlights of my trip. So many interesting stores and cafes. No wonder this is such a popular area of Hong Kong! Hakawa Chocolate, Shop 1B 49-5A Gough St, Hong Kong Island.

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