Meet the Maker: A Chat with Red Cacao, Stirling, Australia

I’m starting a new series called Meet the Maker. Here I will interview some of the owners/creators/makers of my favourite hot chocolates around the world to learn more about who they are, what they do, and why they do it! Today I spoke with the talented Marcus Booth-Remmers from Red Cacao in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills in Australia. To read my recent review of the hot chocolates at Red Cacao click here. Who are you? Marcus, Chocolatier and Owner at Red Cacao What kind of person are you: white, milk or dark? Dark - around 70% - single origin with [...]

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A Quick Visit to the Adelaide Hills and a Hot Chocolate at Red Cacao, Stirling, Australia

I have been to the Adelaide Hills many times and each time love it more than the last. It is the first place that I saw Koalas in the wild. But it is also covered in grape vines and beautiful vineyards with restaurants where you can sit, enjoy the wine, the views and just relax. There are many towns worth visiting in the Hills just a 20 minute drive from Adelaide, including Mount Baker, Hanhdorf, and our destination today, Stirling. Red Cacao alone is reason enough to visit the Adelaide Hills. Tucked in behind a row of shops, it has [...]

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