A Hot Chocolate at Lune, Melbourne, Australia

Lune is truly a thing of beauty and I am by far not the only one that thinks so. This blog post will be added to the dozens of posts published a day by various kinds of media in Australia expressing admiration for this relatively new business. But it is all well deserved and they reward our praise with more of what made them deserve praise in the first place: croissants. But no, these aren’t just croissants. I lived in Paris for many years and ate more pain au chocolate that I could ever count. This is Melbourne’s version. They [...]

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A Hot Chocolate at Churros, Queen Victoria Night Market, Melbourne, Australia

I don’t have a poker face. Definitely not when it comes to hot chocolates, but cities as well. So it should be very obvious to you all already how much I love Melbourne. I don’t think there is any city in the world like Melbourne, and I have been to many of the great ones. Not only does it have the best hot chocolates), but it is just all round fantastic. Just come here and if you are already here, pat yourself on the back and thank the hot chocolate gods. Ok, so the reason I’ve gone on this little [...]

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A Hot Chocolate at Dex2Rose, Melbourne, Australia

Dark and dingy laneways are usually a pretty strong signal to stay away. But take a second look, especially if you are in Melbourne. Some of the best nightclubs, jazz bars, even restaurants I have been to are hidden at the end of so called dingy laneways (places you would like too, nothing scary I assure you!). And I found a new gem at the end of a new dark lane, and this one doesn’t sell alcohol or play loud music but they are open just as late. So turn at the laneway with the graffiti piece that has two [...]

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Meet the Maker: A Chat with Mork in Melbourne, Australia

I’ve started a new series called Meet the Maker. Here I will interview some of the owners/creators/makers of my favourite hot chocolates around the world to learn more about who they are, what they do, and why they do it! Today I’m focused on Josefin and Kiril from the Mork in Melbourne, Australia. To read my recent review of the hot chocolates at Mork click here. Who are you Josefin Zernell / Kiril Shaginov Founders Mörk Chocolate and fellow chocolate makers What kind of person are you: white, milk or dark? We are both incredibly devoted to dark chocolate, in [...]

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The one and only Mörk and their ultimate hot chocolates, Melbourne, Australia

I have enjoyed a lot of hot chocolates in Melbourne over the years, but this time I fell in love with one…with many actually, at Mörk. The thing is, Mörk is perhaps the ultimate hot chocolate, for many reasons. First Mörk is not a chocolate shop, it's a hot chocolate shop. Mörk is not a café….its a hot chocolate shop. Mörk is not a restaurant or a bar or a store or anything else. It is a place that is dedicated to serving hot chocolate in many shapes and forms. Now, how many places have you been like that? I’ve [...]

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Magic and a Hot Chocolate at Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters, Melbourne, Australia

We actually planned to go to Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters because of the coffee. We flipped a coin because I was more interested in going across the street to Hardware Societe to have one of their addictive hot chocolates (so much choice in the CBD). But when we sat down and I saw their menu, apparently my eyes started to twinkle.   Hash has a really fun hot chocolate. They serve you a cup piled high with fairy floss (cotton candy for those across the pond). The hot chocolate is presented alongside in a lab beaker. The idea, correction, [...]

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A New Yorker in Melbourne – Hot Chocolate at Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne, Australia

I have had many hot chocolates in New York, but none quite like this one at the Bowery in Melbourne Australia. The Bowery’s hot chocolate is the most American hot chocolate I can think of, but have never been able to find in the US. It is the hot chocolate I wish they served in New York, and that I think would do well there. For all the hot chocolates I have had in the US, I have never seen them combine the one ingredient that is perhaps the most American; peanut butter. Maybe it is like having a vegemite [...]

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