Hot Chocolate at Les Arcades, Toulouse, France

Sunday mornings are usually pretty quiet in France. The stores are closed, the roads are bare. A man walks around the corner with a copy of today’s newspaper and turns into a local café. A small truck arrives nearby. Three people get out and set up a table with a red tent and start selling baguettes. Magically half a dozen people appear within minutes to buy these. Slowly but surely Toulouse starts to wake up. Right in the heart of Toulouse is Place du Capitole. On one side of the square is the city hall, a stunning building that dates [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Bapz, Toulouse, France

When in France one doesn’t necessarily think of going to an English teahouse, however  surprisingly there seem to be many teahouses popping up around central Toulouse and all of them were full this Sunday afternoon. I did a bit of research to see what was the best hot chocolate in Toulouse and the name that came up several times was Bapz. Bapz is on a cute little street just near the river in the historic centre of Toulouse. When we got to the front doors a few minutes before they opened at noon there were already about 20 people huddled [...]

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