A Colourful and Luxurious Hot Chocolate at Felix Cafe, Zurich, Switzerland

If you are looking for chocolate in Zurich, you won’t have any issues finding some. There are beautiful chocolate stores all over the place. Perhaps the most colourful one of them all is Teuscher. Their dark champagne truffles are addictive and very popular. There are a few stores throughout the old part of the city. One of them is at Felix Café right between the river and the lake. Café Felix has a beautiful terrace out back, tables along the side with views of the lake. Inside is grand and luxurious, with gold and red accents and marble tables. I [...]

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Hot Chocolate and Amazing Truffles at Confiserie Honold, Zurich, Switzerland

By the time I reached Honold Chocolates I had been to so many chocolate shops that I was starting to wonder if I could really put anymore chocolate into my body and how my body might react if I did. But the windows at Honold, filled with mini vermicelles torte, called out to me and I succumbed and glad I did. Honold has been going strong since 1905. They have a small terrace outside on the pedestrian street and another seating area inside at the back of the café. Inside you have a lot to choose from and it all [...]

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A walk around St. Gallen and a Hot Chocolate at Chocolaterie Koldenier, St. Gallen, Switzerland

In the centre of St. Gallen is the UNESCO World Heritage Abbey. Start by visiting the library. It costs 12 CHF and spend the extra 5 CHF to get the audio guide. They told me there was information inside written in English but there is absolutely no information once you get in the library. You drop off your belongings in a locker and need to put slippers over your shoes (and no cameras/pictures!). The room is stunning. I gasped when I entered and heard almost everyone else gasp as they entered too. It is really the most beautiful library you [...]

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Lots of Money and a Hot Chocolate at Sprungli, Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich was founded by the Romans. Here they collected taxes from everyone who came by so it really has always been about money. Today there are 250 banks in Zurich and many of them are based around Paradplatz. To accompany the banks are many stores where you can spend all the money from the banks: luxury watches, shoes, bags, suits. But this area wasn’t always been so expensive. What is now a meeting place of banks and trams used to be a pig market. When the pigs left and the bankers came in, they weren’t so impressed with the name [...]

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Heather’s Helsinki and a Hot Chocolate at Hymy, Helsinki, Finland

Rich and I are big fans of food tours. Whenever we travel we always sign up for a food tour if it is available. Some have been absolutely fantastic, some not really so great, but we always learn a lot about the city and the culture, more than we ever have taking normal tourist tours. So when we booked our trip to Helsinki we did a bit of research on food tours and signed up to Heather’s Helsinki. Heather has been in Finland for around 14 years, married to a Finnish man, and she has been doing tours in Helsinki [...]

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A Thing of Beauty; the Hot Chocolate at Rococo, London, United Kingdom

I’m not really one for celebrities…but some chocolate makers, chocolatiers and even the chocolate itself have become the celebrities that I follow and that I hope that someday I’ll have the chance to visit. Rococo was one of these places, and still is. It was perhaps the first quality chocolate company I’d heard of before I was into this type of things. I lived in London for years, somehow completely unaware that it was located not that far away from where I lived. So today we decided we would dedicate the day to visiting Rococo and the ritzy neighbourhood that [...]

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A Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Inspired Hot Chocolate at One Aldwych, London, United Kingdom

One Aldwych is a luxury hotel in the heart of the Theatre District of London. The building itself was originally built in 1907 to host the Morning Post newspaper. Over the years it has also housed the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Works, Lloyds Bank and a popular London Brasserie known as the Aldwych Brassieri. In 1998 it opened its doors to one of the few independent hotels in London. The space is really something special. Service is impeccable and the rooms are modern yet cozy with great views of the city. The hotel has a collection of over [...]

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A Day in Trondheim and a Hot Chocolate at Skydsstation, Norway

Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway, was founded as a trading post by the Vikings in 997 AD. This makes it the oldest city in the country. I only had the opportunity to spend one full day here but I loved it. As I find whenever I travel to Norway, I feel I would be happy living here…if it were warm and sunny like it was today everyday. When I asked around to figure out which hot chocolate I should try in Trondheim I was directed to visit cheerful and friendly Gurli, the owner of Baklandet Skydsstation near Gamle [...]

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