I Love Cambridge and an icecream/hot chocolate from 6 Icecream, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I love Cambridge. I was lucky enough to live in Cambridge for several years. I still consider it a home although I don’t get to visit nearly as much as I’d like to. I highly recommend that anyone travelling to London take a day, at least a day, and visit Cambridge (only 45 mins away by train). Rain, hail or shine, chances are you too will love it. The whole central area of town is a large pedestrian mall filled with small stores surrounded by the stunning buildings that make up the University of Cambridge. Look carefully as you walk; [...]

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A Hot Chocolate at Hotel Chocolat, Cambridge, United Kingdom

For years I have walked past Hotel Chocolat stores and not thought twice. But today was different. Hotel Chocolate has opened a chocolate café, or aptly named refuel station, and right in central Cambridge. So on my latest trip to beautiful Cambridge I started here. What makes Hotel Chocolate unique is that they actually grow their own cacao on a plantation in Saint Lucia. The cocoa goes on to be part of their incredibly vast selection of chocolates. They have dozens of stores across the UK, but from what I could tell, only this one has a café. You order [...]

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How to Spend a Day in Bath and a Hot Chocolate at Cafe au Lait, Bath, United Kingdom

I’m already feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. It may be because of the uncharacteristic warm weather, cool breeze and clear blue skies. But it is probably because I am in Bath, home of the ancient Roman Baths. And you don’t even need to take an actual bath here to feel the benefits. A quick walk around is all you need. If like many you arrive in Bath via train, luckily the train station is right in the center of town. Walk out, cross the street and walk into the Southgate area, you’ll find yourself on a pedestrian mall lined with stores. [...]

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That Famous Bun and a Hot Chocolate at Sally Lunn, Bath, United Kingdom

Is it a cake? Is it a scone? Is it a bun? Wait, what? It’s all three? Yes! It’s the Sally Lund Bun! I didn’t know about Sally Lunn’s famous bun until they were featured on the TV show The Great British Bakeoff. They now have a giant sign in the window, and a note in all of their brochures mentioning this. So it should be no surprise that my first stop when I got to Bath was to Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House. Historic because Sally’s buns are made from a secret 300 year old recipe. Really, the bun [...]

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Incredible Graffiti and a Hot Chocolate at Ahh Toots, Bristol, United Kingdom

The beauty of Bristol is in the details. During my first walk around I wasn’t so impressed. It was cloudy, quiet, and everything looked dull and rough around the edges. But as I spent more time here, this quickly changed and Bristol managed to not only change my mind but turn me into a believer. There are a lot of things to love about Bristol but what I really loved were the details which you can only see if you go exploring. One example is the fantastic graffiti found all around the city. I planned half of my trip simply [...]

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An Epic Suspension Bridge and a Hot Chocolate at Bar Chocolat, Bristol, United Kingdom

Bar Chocolat is perfectly located if you make your way across town to visit one of the main attractions of Bristol, the Clifton Suspension Bridge. It is a gorgeous walk from the center of Bristol to this neighbourhood. I walked up College Green, past University of Bristol and then along Queens Road all the way to Victoria Square. I then took the little path that cuts across Victoria Square, which brought me to a series of little stores and a beautiful shopping archway. I then crossed Clifton Down Road, before making my way to The Mall and Bar Chocolat. This [...]

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Spoiling Oneself with a Hot Chocolate or Two at Gorvett & Stone, Henley on Thames, United Kingdom

I feel a lot like an explorer when I go searching for my hot chocolates. I always have a short list of places to find that should be good, but never any idea of exactly what I am going to find when I get there. Gorvett & Stone right along the high street of gorgeous Henley on Thames was top of my list. You may recognize Henley as the home of the famous Henley Royal Regatta and regular races between the rowers from Cambridge and Oxford Universities. There is a gorgeous walking path along the river where you can watch [...]

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A Day Trip to Tallinn and a hot chocolate at Anneli Viik Chocolates, Tallinn, Estonia

After my traumatizing hot chocolate experience at Kehrwieder, we ventured across the street to the more modern Anneli Viik Chocolates. The young woman at the counter must have seen my desperation because, for 3.50 euros, she presented me with a beautiful, decadent and rich hot chocolate which I enjoyed every drop of. Opened in 2004, all the chocolates sold in the store are created in the back in an area viewable from the seating area at the front of the tiny café. Anneli Viik opened her chocolate shop after a stint as an investment banker. Her love of chocolate pulled [...]

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