Hot Chocolate at Thyme and Again, Ottawa, Canada

I love those moments where you discover something new in your home city. We were just walking along Wellington street, which is filled with small, independent stores, all very interesting. In reality we had come to try out another hot chocolate, the one at Macaroons and Madeleines, but they informed us that they only serve hot chocolate in the winter. So we decided to take a walk around and I’m glad we did. As we wandered down Wellington street, there was a general smell of cinnamon buns in the air because of all of the bakeries in the area, and [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Le Hibou, Wakefield, Canada

  Wakefield is scenic little town next to the Gatineau River. It gets a steady stream of visitors all year long, but especially throughout the summer when cars drive through town to get between Ottawa (20 minutes away) and cottage country. I remember the black steam train that would stop right in the middle of town and bring people from Ottawa to Wakefield and back. Unfortunately they stopped running the train maybe 10 years ago? There also used to be a small house shaped like a boot that you could go into. I wonder if it is still there? Today we were [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Les Saisons, Chelsea, Canada

They call them leafers, the thousands of tourists and locals who drive through Gatineau Park from the end of September to mid October every year. They come up in bus and car loads, holding their cameras tightly, ready to take pictures of the plentiful views of stunning multicoloured autumn leaves. I am back in Ottawa often, but I realized this is the first time in many many years that I am here for the changing of the leaves. We got here probably on the best weekend too. (Again I know I am posting this a bit late, I had so [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Cacao70, Ottawa, Canada

I’ve said it a few times on this blog, I love the Byward market in Ottawa. There is just something fantastic about this area in all seasons, but perhaps mostly now in the fall when it is filled with giant pumpkins, hanging garlic and wooden crates filled with crisp freshly picked apples. (As you can clearly see I'm posting this review a little late). I’m loving the market even more as it is starting to fill up with good hot chocolate options such as Stubbe, Cylie Artisans and even the ever popular Cupcake Lounge.      The newest addition, Cacao70, is [...]

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Hot Chocolate at La Merceria, Toronto, Canada

There is an area made up of a dozen city blocks centered around West Queen West St. dotted with graffiti. A lot of it looks like it has been commissioned, making up part of the brand and decoration of local independent stores that dominate this area. A lot of it has been tagged or is a colourful tag itself. The rest is a mix of interesting bits and pieces, multicoloured shapes running west from Spadina Ave. to Portland St and spreading out across the surrounding laneways. When you pop out of the magic hole at the end of Grafitti alley, [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Fika, Toronto, Canada

  I get it now. For years I’ve heard everyone going on about how fantastic Toronto is but I’ve never understood why. I thought it was just a big, impersonal city, but then again I had never really spent any time in Toronto. Now that I’ve finally spent a few days there, I get it. What I have loved the most about Toronto is all these fascinating little pockets of life it has spread out across the city and perhaps one of the most unlikely pockets, just minutes from the business district, is Kensington market. Kensington market is a handful of [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Nadege, Toronto, Canada

I had been walking around Toronto for eight hours before I arrived at Nadege. I was so tired and dehydrated by this stage, that everything was a bit of a blur. I remember having to ask the woman behind the counter to describe the hot chocolates they offered three times in a row because I could hardly concentrate and then finally just asked her to give me all of them. Luckily there were two of us and two hot chocolate offerings so in the end I didn't sound as crazy as I thought I did (hopefully). Nadege is the creation [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Balzac’s, Toronto, Canada

I’m a big fan of food tours, and I think one of the best ways to experience a new city or a new country is through its food. Food tours allow you to get straight to the heart of a city or district, introducing you to the local food legends and produce and most importantly, filling you up! So not surprisingly, on my first day in Toronto I signed up for a food tour with The Culinary Adventure Company of the St. Lawrence Market and the Old Town. I liked the fact that their tours are run by chefs themselves, [...]

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