I was intrigued when I copied down the address to Holy Cacao; South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery. A fancy chocolate shop with fantastically rich hot chocolate in a trailer park? Ah, but this is Austin where empty lots are turned into culinary hot spots. Food vans set up in these lots and here Holy Cacao has set up along side a small handful of other food vans and several picnic tables with colourful umbrellas to enjoy your food on.

Holy Cacao makes two things. First and foremost they are known for their cake balls. For those of you who have yet to discover cake balls they are, according to Holy Cacao, “chunks of rich, freshly baked cake are mixed with frosting then rolled into balls, dipped in chocolate and perched atop popsicle stick. The result is a unique, delicious truffle-like treat”. There are 6 different types of cake balls on the menu, velvet balls are made with red velvet cake, rabbit balls with carrot cake, wedding balls are white cake and so on and so forth. We order three to try, a rabbit ball, a velvet ball and a Diablo ball (chocolate with a touch of chilli).

They also have not one, not two but three different types of hot chocolate. There is their original rich hot chocolate, Mexican hot chocolate with cayenne and chilli and cinnamon, and finally a peppermint hot chocolate. We ordered an original and a Mexican.

These are some rich hot chocolates. They are kind of like a rich and gooey chocolate pudding but still liquid enough to drink. If you are a chocolate lover this is your hot chocolate. I loved the first few sips but a whole cup was just too much for me. It was good enough that I would have still paid 4$ for a small cup of this. I would have loved more chill in my Mexican chocolate too…it was very very subtle.

Verdict: If you have a sweet tooth visit Holy Cacao. The van is very cute and I loved sitting out on the picnic tables under the trees. I’ll be back… Holy Cacao, 1311 South 1st Street, Austin, Texas, USA

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