I saw Halcyon in a guidebook I have on Austin. It said to stop here after walking down 6th street and before exploring the Warehouse District. So we did and wow what a find.  The place is lively and full. There are comfy red and yellow sofas in the corners and an extensive collection of sparkly pictures of celebrities covering the walls.

I take a look at the menu and as usual they have one hot chocolate. Ok, decision made but I decide to take a look at the rest of the menu to see what else they offer. My heart skipped several beats. There on the front page is a whole section dedicated to Gourmet Hot Chocolates. Can this be true? They have two versions. You can have the classic gourmet hot chocolates which include French, Mexican, White Peppermint, Peanutbutter or Bittersweet Caramel. They also have adult versions of the hot chocolate where you can take the class version and add a twist, chocolate vodka, tia maria, peppermint schnapps etc.

I have to hand it to Halcyon, not only did they make my day but it is really something to have all these hot chocolates when they aren’t a specialty store or a sweet/dessert shop, they are a bar/lounge. Now just when I thought I had recovered from this pleasant shock I had another one. The table next to us had this strange black metal thing on their table with a fire in it and chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers around it. Yes, at Halcyon they also have ‘make your own smores’ platters for 2 or 4 people where you can sit there and melt your marshmallow and eat it with chocolate and crackers. What a smart idea.

My hot chocolate was over the top. It came in the biggest mug I have ever seen, basically a bowl with a handle (this is Texas after all…). It was topped with whipped cream and chocolate swirls and came with two animal crackers ( I got a rhinoceros and a camel). I loved the animal crackers, such a fun idea and actually went really well with the hot chocolate.  I ordered the Mexican hot chocolate which was nice. I drank and enjoyed half the cup, but it was just too  big for me to finish. I dare you to finish one!

Verdict: Halcyon obviously has a very smart chocolate lover on their team. I would love to meet whoever that is and thank them. I will be back. Halcyon, 218 W. 4th Street, Austin, Texas, USA

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