Hot Chocolate at Rocky Mountain Roastery Coffee, Fraser, USA

“Achieve a higher state of bean”, what a fantastic slogan for a coffee spot. My friends are avid coffee drinkers so when they found this spot it was inevitable that this would become our home away from home for the four days that we all spent together in WinterPark Colorado.

Rocky Mountain Roastery was founded in 1993 and are known for their unique high altitude coffee roasting process that allows more flavour to develop in each bean they roast, so they say. This family owned and operated business features organic, fair trade and original coffee blends. The place has a very steady stream of locals coming in for their daily cup and to buy bags of roasted coffee to bring home.

The first time everyone went, I didn’t however. I was almost certain that they wouldn’t have a hot chocolate, since after all it’s a coffee hot spot! My friend Maria came back to the house we were renting the first day and said that I was wrong. Rocky Mountain Roastery has not only one but three different hot chocolates! One is a Ghirardelli hot chocolate, they have a Mexican hot chocolate and a white hot chocolate. So the following two days I tried the first two.

Each time we went in, and we went in quite often as a group, there was always the same women working at the cash. She always had a huge smile and was so friendly and helpful. The first day I had my Ghirardelli in a paper cup (blah) but really enjoyed it – it was really nice. The second day I had the Mexican hot chocolate. It wasn’t mixed through completely and there were lots of little bits of chocolate floating around but I still enjoyed the flavour and was completely impressed with both of these drinks.

The coffee must be incredible because the owners haven’t put a huge amount of effort into the décor. The walls are covered with empty shelves and the place looks a little bare but there are plenty of comfortable chairs and sofas to enjoy your chosen drink.

Verdict: If you are in WinterPark and are looking for either hot chocolate or coffee (or tea, they specialize in that too!), stop by Rocky Mountain Roastery to say hi. They are so friendly and put a lot of love into their drinks. If you are wondering where everyone else is in town, they are here! Rocky Mountain Roastery, 543 Zerex St., Fraser, Colorado, USA

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