Boerne is a German Hill Country Town in Texas.   It isn’t easy drinking hot chocolate when it is 35degrees Celsius outside, especially if you choose to drink your hot chocolate while sitting outside. But at the Bear Moon Bakery just looked so cute and since Boerne (pronounced Bernie) is a charming Hill Country Town, sitting outside was part of the experience.

It is a lazy Sunday and everyone is out enjoying coffees and brunch, many while reading newspapers or catching up with family members. The table next to us has two good looking labrador’s taking up pretty much the whole side walk.

The hot chocolate came in the most fantastic mug. It was huge, a proper ‘hug’ mug as I call it, perfect if it had been maybe 25 degrees cooler. Unfortunately the hot chocolate wasn’t good. It was made with water and there wasn’t enough powder so it tasted like slightly chocolately water. The chocolate powder used too was quite sweet so I only had a few sips and left my giant mug almost filled to the brim. What a shame. Other than that this spot looks like the place to stop if you happen to be passing by Boerne.

Verdict: There is a long line waiting to sit down for the breakfast buffet, which not surprisingly has won a whole series of local awards. Everything else there looked good and my friends commented that the coffee was quite nice. Don’t worry about the hot chocolate though. Bear Moon Bakery and Café, 401 S. Main St. Boerne, Texas, USA