For morning number two in New Orleans,  I had done my research as I wanted to visit a French Patisserie.  Luckily I found a few with fantastic reviews spread out across the French Quarter. Le Croissant d’Or was the one we were most interested in so we walked several blocks across the French Quarter to visit it for breakfast.


We weren’t the only one with this idea. When we arrived there was a short line-up of locals waiting in line all the way out the door and onto the footpath to get their croissants and baguettes to go. Inside there were several white tables and chairs with people eating in. The first thing you notice, other than the incredible smell of freshly baked bread, is a beautiful stained glass on the back wall of the café. There is a beautiful terrace on the inside as well.


I guess we worked up an appetite on the walk over from our hotel, as we ordered quite a lot! They had all of our French favourites; pain au chocolate, croissants, pain au raisin. In the end, we couldn’t choose so we just decided to order them all.

If you visit Le Croissant d’Or order the hot chocolate. It instantly transported me back to France, especially when accompanied by their fantastic pain au chocolate. The hot chocolate is nice and simple,  being just the right mix of milk and chocolate so it wasn’t too sweet. It is one of those hot chocolate you can have every morning with breakfast.


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Verdict: I wish I had a Le Croissant d’Or downstairs from where I lived. To be able to sit and enjoy a small hot chocolate but perhaps even more to be able to have my daily pain au chocolate would make me a very happy, perhaps slightly chubbier girl. Le Croissant d’Or, 617 Ursulines Avenue, New Orleans, USA