While in Santo Domingo, Rich celebrated his birthday. Everyone said that the best place to get a birthday cake was Bondelic and luckily for us, it was only a few minutes walk from the apartment.

Bondelic is all about being happy. It was light and airy. The walls and windows are covered in little illustrations of cupcakes, cookies, pieces of pies, cakes and little forks. Straight ahead of you is a large counter filled with really tempting looking cakes and sweets. The first time we came here we picked up at least 7 different mini desserts to bring home to share (for research purposes of course). In the DR you don’t see a lot of chocolate desserts, many of the desserts are beige or white which might give the impression that they taste plain. Don’t be fooled. The Dominican Republic has some of the most incredibly delicious sweets on the planet. Forget about the beaches, go for the desserts!



Next to the counter there was a small seating area to enjoy cakes, some small lunch items and drinks. I knew this was my kind of place when we saw several other people sitting in this area, all had obviously just popped in from the office and all were drinking hot chocolate. We sat down and ordered ours and it was very nice, not too sweet which is perfect because it pairs well with any of the cakes on offer. As an added touch we were also presented with a little shaker of cinnamon to sprinkle liberally over our hot chocolate.



It was obvious that this is birthday party central. Not only was there a steady stream of people that arrived to pick up birthday cakes of all shapes and sizes, but attached to the bakery is a small party store selling candles, balloons and everything you need to plan your party. I picked up and paid for Rich’s surprise cake and that evening we ate every single bite of it.



Verdict: Dangerously good cakes to accompany a nice hot chocolate. Considering they have free wifi, that table near the window could easily become my new office! Bondelic, Av Sarasota 33, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.