If I were to open a restaurant I would open one that was a space where locals and visitors could come. During the day it would be a bakery offering freshly baked breads and desserts, a range of coffees and teas and of course a very nice, easy to drink hot chocolate. Breakfast would be available all day, created using locally sourced produce from small scale quality producers, as would a range of other food options. In the evening the lights would be dimmed, candles would be lit and the wine glasses could come out offering a range of reds, whites and roses. It would be located in a popular neighourhood but would be a quiet and cozy space.

It seems Oro Bakery has beaten me to it. Situated right in Little Italy, surrounded by restaurants, bars and clubs, it is a calm getaway space, inviting   A fortuneteller told chef and owner Doriana Yuen that she needed to have more gold in her life so she chose to name her café Oro which means gold in Spanish.






Tonight the place was very chill and inviting. On one table a young man was eating while reading a very long book which he had just started. Next to him another table with two older individuals having coffee and cake. They were obviously art teachers of some sort and were arguing over how to mark assignments and the complaints that students had of their marks. In the back there was a table of young people working on their second bottle of red wine. Oro Bakery is both a bakery and a wine bar. How perfect is that.

The hot chocolate is good, presented in a tall glass cup. I enjoyed every sip of it, surrounded by little twinkle lights and candlelight. Great late night treat. If you happen to need an extra kick in the evening you can choose to have it boozed up.






Verdict: I’m surprised this isn’t everyone’s local in the area. A secret gem with a nice hot chocolate. Oro Bakery, 375 Broome Street, Little Italy, New York City, USA

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