In the heart of the theatre district, nestled between The Gershwin theatre where the musical Wicked is showing and an Irish pub, is small but mighty Bibble and Sip. If you didn’t know it was here you would likely not find it (I guess that applies to almost everything in busy Manhattan). But I knew it was here and I knew that they had a hot chocolate I wanted to try.

What I didn’t realize what that they also gave me my yearly dose of Alpacas which, to be honest, I never realized I needed until I was immersed in them. Now that I have had two mornings in a row of Alpacas I feel I am better off. There is an Alpaca shaped chalkboard above the cash, one covered in red Christmas tree bulbs to the left and another covered in plastic evergreen branches to the right. There is porcelain one above the display of cakes and a range of bags and t-shirts with Alpacas on them for sale behind the cash. So why Alpacas you might answer? The answer is provided at the bottom of the menu board, “Because they are awesome”. I’m sold.

Bubble and Sip has all the usual treats but with a twist. They take traditional French pastries and infuse in some unique Asian flavours such as matcha. The banana bread is infused with earl grey, the pana cotta with black sesame and the brulee egg tart is so good. And every day at noon a selection of different flavoured crème puffs magically appears with cream filled centers and crunchy tops.

The hot chocolate is oh so good. It is rich and decadent without being too much, easy to drink and only lightly sweetened. If you want an extra dose of sugar you can either choose from their selection of cakes (many are, of course, in the shape of alpacas), or order your hot chocolate with their house made marshmallow which is, you’ve been warned, incredibly light and fluffy but very very sweet. Let it melt into your hot chocolate, stir, and there you go.

Verdict: I love that there is now a really great hot chocolate offering in this part of town. The line up is always long and there are few tables but don’t worry, most take their coffees to go. Love this hot chocolate. Bibble and Sip, 253 West 51 Street, New York, New York, USA