A Hot Chocolate named Choccywoccydoodah, London, United Kingdom

Today was a strange day in London. I had a few hours before I had to get to the airport and one hot chocolate I absolutely wanted to try. I rushed over, ran pretty much but when I got there a very tall and thin young lady informed me that I couldn’t just come in to have a hot chocolate, that I had to make a reservation. So in the little time I had left I had a quick think about where around Oxford Circus I could go to get a good hot chocolate, or at least a hot chocolate [...]

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A walk around Lucern and a hot chocolate from Max Chocolatier, Lucern, Switzerland

When one thinks of Switzerland, chocolate is one thing that comes to mind. There is a whole lot of milk chocolate flowing through the veins of the Swiss. But it isn’t all milk chocolate from big companies such as Nestle that are available here. There are some jewels and the shiniest perhaps of all of them is Max Chocolatier. Patrik and Hilda Konig own a watch store in Lucern. When the store next to theirs closed down he took the opportunity to take over the space and open up a chocolate shop. With all of the industrial chocolate in Switzerland [...]

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A Hot Chocolate at Cacao Boom, Seoul, South Korea

My visit to CacaoBoom was a bit of an adventure, an adventure that took place mostly underground. Up until this point of my trip I had gone everywhere by foot. Today I decided to venture away from the centre and find some hot chocolates. I had a list with several options all in completely different directions. The thing about lists and recommendations is that on paper they all look the same. The reality is that you won’t know whether you chose right or wrong until you get there, sit down and have the hot chocolate. Until then they are all [...]

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The most beautiful little food store you have seen and a hot chocolate at Schwarzenback Teacake, Zurich, Switzerland

It isn't often that someone recommends that I visit a store as one of the first spots I should see when visiting a new city. But that is exactly what happened when I travelled to Zurich and I am glad they did. The store is family owned Schwarzenback which has been selling its goods for the past 100 years. The store has an amazing selection of, well, everything. There are spices, coffee, dried fruits, it feels like an old fashion pharmacy but filled with delicious snacks instead, all available to buy by weight.  If you look to the left when [...]

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A Colourful and Luxurious Hot Chocolate at Felix Cafe, Zurich, Switzerland

If you are looking for chocolate in Zurich, you won’t have any issues finding some. There are beautiful chocolate stores all over the place. Perhaps the most colourful one of them all is Teuscher. Their dark champagne truffles are addictive and very popular. There are a few stores throughout the old part of the city. One of them is at Felix Café right between the river and the lake. Café Felix has a beautiful terrace out back, tables along the side with views of the lake. Inside is grand and luxurious, with gold and red accents and marble tables. I [...]

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Hot Chocolate and Amazing Truffles at Confiserie Honold, Zurich, Switzerland

By the time I reached Honold Chocolates I had been to so many chocolate shops that I was starting to wonder if I could really put anymore chocolate into my body and how my body might react if I did. But the windows at Honold, filled with mini vermicelles torte, called out to me and I succumbed and glad I did. Honold has been going strong since 1905. They have a small terrace outside on the pedestrian street and another seating area inside at the back of the café. Inside you have a lot to choose from and it all [...]

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A walk around St. Gallen and a Hot Chocolate at Chocolaterie Koldenier, St. Gallen, Switzerland

In the centre of St. Gallen is the UNESCO World Heritage Abbey. Start by visiting the library. It costs 12 CHF and spend the extra 5 CHF to get the audio guide. They told me there was information inside written in English but there is absolutely no information once you get in the library. You drop off your belongings in a locker and need to put slippers over your shoes (and no cameras/pictures!). The room is stunning. I gasped when I entered and heard almost everyone else gasp as they entered too. It is really the most beautiful library you [...]

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50 Thoughts about my Hot Chocolate on the 103rd floor of the Ritz Carleton, Hong Kong, China

  If you are staying at the Ritz Carleton you are a) a little ways away from all the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong (but a quick subway ride) and b) the hotel lobby is not on the ground floor but on the 103rd. It takes surprisingly little time to get to the 103rd These are some magical elevators. Afternoon Tea time at the Ritz hasn’t started yet so we are all in line next to the reservation desk. It is now quite obvious that no one goes for afternoon tea at the Ritz alone (as I am). It [...]

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